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Helping Patients in North Colorado Springs Reclaim Their Health

Why Dr. Larson?

Maybe you've tried chiropractic. Or, maybe you've heard about it, but aren't really sure whether it's for you.

Dr. Laura Larson cares for patients of all ages and all backgrounds. Whether you have a sports injury, a chronic condition, or just aren't feeling as vibrant as you should, Dr. Larson wants to help you reach better health.

What Makes Inspired Chiropractic and Wellness Different?

Dr. Larson offers a well-rounded approach to health care. She provides structural, nutritional, and homeopathic therapies, as well as detoxification and emotional therapies.

Learn more about our holistic approach to care by visiting our Services page.

Putting the Pieces Together

Putting the Pieces Together

Putting the Pieces Together

Dr. Larson takes the time to really listen to you and get to the heart of your health issues. Then, with chiropractic techniques, nutrition education, and other holistic therapies, she helps put you on the path to wellness.

Through her own journey and her chiropractic education, Dr. Larson has learned quite a bit about healing. "I look at the body like a puzzle  if you give your body the little pieces it needs it should have the ability to repair itself". The doctors Dr. Larson saw over the years have taught her different pieces, and she's happy to be able to share that information with you.

Our Promise to You, Our Patient

Our mission is to provide honest, organized, attainable treatment to our patient community in order for them to live ideal, inspired, vital lives. We respect our patient's time, space, and place in life to help them evolve toward or maintain their own personal best self-actualization. We incorporate a balanced approach through chiropractic, functional medicine, and lifestyle therapy to guide our patients to achieve their goals.

Focus on the Person, Not the Disease

Dr. Larson is proud to be a holistic chiropractor, focused on the individual patient, not the disease. When you come to me for help, my primary goal is to really get to know you. Listening to what you have to say helps her find the root cause of a problem, not just what the problem appears to be.

What Wellness Means for You

Dr. Larson believes strongly in the practice of functional medicine. Genetics, your environment, and your lifestyle all play a role in determining your health, both now and for the long-term. By listening to you and your unique story I can gain a better understanding of what you need to support your health, now and in the future.

Functional medicine relies on six core concepts. Taking into account each of these concepts helps Dr. Larson find out what happened in your body leading up to your symptoms, so together you can determine the best course of action for you.

Functional medicine is guided by six core principles:

  • An understanding of the biochemical individuality of each human being, based on the concepts of genetic and environmental uniqueness.
  • A patient-centered rather than a disease-centered approach to treatment.
  • A dynamic balance among the internal and external body, mind, and spirit.
  • Familiarity with the web-like interconnections of internal physiological factors.
  • Identification of health as a positive vitality not merely the absence of disease.
  • Enhancing the health span, not just the life span, of each patient.

Dr. Larson is happy to answer any questions you might have. If you are ready to reclaim your health, give her a call today. (719) 447-9848