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Dr. Laura Larson – Holistic Care at Inspired Chiropractic and Wellness

Destined to Be a Doctor

North Colorado Springs Chiropractor, Dr. Laura Larson

Dr. Laura Larson

For Dr. Laura Larson, choosing a profession was child’s play – literally. Even as a young child-playing doctor, she knew it was meant to be her career. “My personal experience as a chiropractic patient helped me decide that chiropractic was the right field for me.

Chiropractic Has Always Been the Answer

“As a competitive skier in high school and college, I suffered a number of injuries.” Medical doctors were out of ideas to help Dr. Larson. When the doctors told her mother that treating her injuries with drugs was the only option left, her mother took her to a chiropractor instead. “The chiropractor was able to help me tremendously with no drugs and I was able to return to skiing.”

In college, Dr. Larson suffered from overwhelming fatigue and was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome. “I was sleeping 18 hours each day. Doctors tried to diagnose me with depression, but I knew something just wasn’t right.” When a good friend suggested that she go with him to see his chiropractor, a holistic practitioner, she readily agreed.

Garbage In, Garbage Out

The first time the holistic chiropractor heard her story, he sent her immediately to learn about the nutrition she needed for her body to function properly. Dr. Larson admits, “I was eating horribly.” She learned about fruits and vegetables and the proper diet for her, and the relief from her fatigue soon followed. “I committed to change my lifestyle and though it wasn’t immediate, I gradually got better and better.”

Choosing a Career Path

Dr. Larson had been preparing for medical school until she met the holistic chiropractor. “The difference that his help made in my life was enough for me to change my major and start down the path toward becoming a holistic chiropractor myself.”

She completed her chiropractic studies at Logan College of Chiropractic (now Logan University), and opened her own practice in Colorado Springs.

A Tradition of Helping Patients Help Themselves

For over two decades, Dr. Larson has committed herself to giving patients the information they need to reclaim their health.

“The most fulfilling part of my job is being able to educate and support my patients through realizing they can take control of their own health.”

Down Time

Outside of work, Dr. Larson enjoys spending time with her two daughters. The family loves spending time outdoors – hiking, skiing, biking and playing golf.

If you’re ready to take control of your own health, call to see how Dr. Larson can help you! (719) 447-9848