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Inspired Chiropractic and Wellness Online Stores

Order supplements online.

Online Ordering

I would like to welcome you to the new world of systematically and conveniently getting your nutritional support sent directly to your home. Now it’s easy to order your product anytime, anywhere. You can send product directly to your house, or to relatives and friends. You can also set up auto-ship orders so you have your needs met monthly.

Isagenix Store

Through the link below you can order your amazing IsaLean Pro shakes, Ionix Supreme, Cleanse For Life, Sleep Support Spray, E+ Shots, IsaLean Bars, Isagenesis and more directly to your home. You can access this at Read More>>>

– For weight loss, my recommended startup choice is: The 30-Day System Starter Pak
– For athletic goals and energy for active people: Energy and Performance System
– For general health and healthy aging: Healthy Aging and Telomere Support System

By Purchasing a pack initially you are ensured to get everything you need to do the steps of your program. You can order individual items as well, and other packs to suit your needs. You enroll for wholesale access for $29 when you set up your order and an auto ship to have your monthly needs for your system delivered to your door timely every month. With this option you save around 35% on your system and have the potential to save even more. We will be happy to show you how (this is called “an associate with an autoship”).

You may also enroll for wholesale access for $39 when you set up your order without an auto ship. With this option you will still get wholesale pricing, but you will need to plan to get your needed refills and place those orders or create an autoship at a later date (this is called “an associate without an autoship”).

Metagenics Store

We are currently offering a 10% discount on all online orders from Metagenics! Shipping is free if you set up a monthly auto-ship for your needs or if your order is over $101!

If you have used Metagenics products in the past and do not see one of your favorites, just call or email the office and we can get that added for you.

My Metagenics store:

Pure Store

Through the link below you can order your Methionine, Lithium, GABA and others directly to your home.

My Pure store:

Additional Supplements

If you do not see a company you need specialty supplements from you must go through the office and we will carry or special order your supplements for you. Questions? Call us at (719) 447-9848.